Lizzo has released a second music video for ‘Good As Hell.’

The video was filmed during Louisiana’s Southern University’s Homecoming Week 2019 and she’s joined by the university’s marching band, The Human Jukebox and their dances, the Fabulous Dancing Dolls. Lizzo can be seen helping a student get through heartbreak and pumping up the band before their performance – you can say Lizzo takes her encouragement to another level.



Here’s something you probably didn’t know about Lizzo – according to her Instagram, she says, “I’ve done Marching Band for 10 years, all through high school, my undergrad and grad school.  I cried actual tears seeing this representation of Marching Band in this video.  I’m a flute player too! You’re amazing.”



On the same day as the music video drop, Lizzo created a ton of buzz after twerking, in a thong, during the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Minnesota Timberwolves halftime show.  The Laker Girls danced along to Lizzo’s ‘Juice’ and she decided to ‘twerk’ along.  That night, Lizzo rocked a cut-out-t-shirt dress and when it came to her backside, all was out and about.  Underneath, Lizzo had on a pair of fishnet stockings and a black thong. 


Her outfit caused negative feedback on social media, leaving Lizzo to create and post this message: 

“Who I am and the essence of me and the things that I choose to do as a grown-ass woman can inspire you to do the same. You don’t have to be like me. You need to be like you. And never ever let somebody stop you or shame you from being yourself.  Like, this is who I’ve always been. Now everyone’s looking at it and your criticism can just remain your criticism…Negative criticism has no stake in my life, no control over my life, over my emotions. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, I’m surrounded by love.  I don’t ever want to censor myself…I’m not going to quiet myself, I’m not going to shrink myself because somebody thinks that I’m not sexy to them.  It doesn’t really matter what goes on the internet, nothing really breaks my joy. I’m a really solid, grounded person, and I know that I’m shocking because you’ve never seen — in a long time — a body like mine doing whatever it wants to do and dressing the way that it dresses and moving the way that it moves.  I just wanna spread that love and also spread these cheeks.  And you know what, if you really don’t like my ass, you can kiss it. ‘Cause kissing it makes it go away, I promise.”



One thing is for sure – Lizzo IS THAT B***H and she’s not changing for anyone!


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