Niall Horan has dropped yet another amazing song off his upcoming album – it’s called ‘Put A Little Love On Me’ and guaranteed, it’ll make you want to curl up on the couch in front of a fire and take a dip into your feelings.  According to Niall’s Instagram post, he says, It’s one of my favourite songs I’ve written and a song very special to me.”




Niall also shares,I recorded this song a number of times but always kept coming back to the original demo so I ended up using that for the final track.”




Prior to the release of ‘Put a Little Love On Me,’ Niall tweeted, “Just wanted to release this song because I feel like it deserves to be released and I want you to have it now.”



And, “I’m jet lagged out of my mind but I couldn’t not stay up to see your reaction to this song.  I love this song and I’m glad it’s yours now.  Can’t wait to play it live on tour for ya!”



Niall’s new record was co-written by himself along with his long-time collaborators, Jamie Scott, Daniel Bryer, Mike Needle and was produced by Greg Kurstin.  In the upcoming weeks, Niall will perform on The Tonight Show on December 12 and will make his solo debut on SNL on December 14.



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