Katy Perry transforms herself into Mrs. Claus in her new music video for ‘Cozy Little Christmas.’




This is all part of ‘Katy’s 25 Days of Cozy.’  On December 1, Katy tweeted, “Kicking off 25 Days of Cozy with fun surprises for you!” And her first surprise was a music video.




As Billboard notes, “Directing duo WATTS, comprised of Steve Aoki and Noah Cyrus, helmed the festive video. Perry co-wrote and -produced the track with Greg Wells, who also produced her 2009 Billboard Hot 100 No. 9 hit “Waking Up in Vegas,” and Ferras Alqaisi, who co-wrote several songs off her fifth studio album Witness, which peaked atop the Billboard 200 in 2007.”





Below are the lyrics to Cozy Little Christmas.


[Verse 1]

Everybody’s in a hurry, in a flurry
Shopping ’til they’re droppin’ in the snow
Kids are cryin’, dogs are barkin’
Catching up with folks we barely know
Sure it’s madness, but it’s magic
As soon as you hang up the mistletoe
‘Cause you’re the reason for the season
No, we don’t need to keep up with the Jones
Our love is something priceless
I don’t need diamonds, no sparkly things (no, oh, oh, oh, oh)
‘Cause you can’t buy this a-feeling (no, oh, oh, oh, oh)
Nothing lights my fire or wraps me up, baby, like you do
Just want a cozy, a cozy little Christmas here with you
[Verse 2]
So, Mr. Santa (Mr. Santa)
Take the day off (take the day off)
Get a massage (get a massage)
‘Cause we’ve got this one all under control
A little whiskey (a little whiskey)
We’re getting frisky (ooh!)
And slow dancing to Nat King Cole
No, we ain’t stressin’ (we ain’t stressin’)
Just caressin’ (mm-hmm)
Warming up our popsicle toes
Nothing’s missin’ (nothing’s missin’)
‘Cause you’re a blessin’ (’cause you’re the blessin’)
Yet, you’re the only one I’m wishing for
I don’t need anything
Take back all the Cartier, and the Tiffany’s and the Chanel
Well, can I keep that Chanel? Please?
No, no, no, no
(Fa la la la la la la la, la la la la la la la la la la)
A cozy little Christmas here with you


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