Weeks back, Dua Lipa promised her fans she would reveal the title for her upcoming, second studio album and she has delivered on that promise. 

Dua got the title of the album tattooed on her left bicep, and shared snaps of the tat on Instagram!  Pretty sneaky but genius all at the same time!

Rocking a colourful bikini, the photos revealed the tile of her sophomore album is…Future Nostalgia.


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In late October, Dua dropped ‘Don’t Start Now,’ the first single off her second album and in April, Dua tweeted she was in studio, working alongside Nile Rodgers and Pharrell Williams so you already know the album is going to be FIRE.  Dua says, “It’s got a theme going through it.  It’s more disco orientated, ’80s-inspired. It’s fun. It’s honest lyrics, but not taking myself too seriously. I just want people when they hear it just to want to dance and just to have fun and just to go out and spend time with their friends.”



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