I just love me a GOOD remix! Diplo has taken Niall Horan’s latest single ‘Nice To Meet Ya,’ added his own spin to it and it now has an entire 90’s house vibe to it!  The BEST part – Diplo also dropped a music video to accompany the remix.  Not only does he dress up like Niall (wig included) but he’s also dancing and singing along in black-and-white.




According to Rolling Stone, “The remix is a departure from Diplo’s more immediately recent work; the EDM super-producer has been channeling his country side and releasing collaborations under his birth name Thomas Wesley with artists like Jonas Brothers and Morgan Wallen.”


‘Nice To Meet Ya’ is Niall’s first single off his upcoming, second studio album (album title and release date have yet to be announced).  In addition, Niall revealed he’s heading on a North American Tour starting April of 2020 and he’s bringing along Lewis Capaldi and Fletcher.



Watch the original music video below.



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