Bastille has re-released a newer version of a track called ‘Another Place’ and has recruited Alessia Cara!


You can find the original version of ‘Another Place’ on the band’s Doom Days album, which was released in June.  According to Bastille frontman Dan Smith, he said in a statement, “I’d always heard ‘Another Place’ as a duet and wanted it to be a story told from two perspectives. It’s not something we’ve ever done, outside of our mixtapes, but we are huge fans of Alessia’s — her voice and her songwriting are so distinct and brilliant — and we sent it to her to see if she’d be up for jumping on it with us.”



And while talking to Rolling Stone in July, Dan spoke about ‘Bad Decisions,’ another song off their Doom Days album, “We also wanted to look at the national and international bad decisions. Especially when it comes to voting … Everybody has to live with the consequences of those decisions. In the U.K., we are years on from having voted to leave the E.U., which is something that I, or we, don’t think is remotely a good idea at all. It’s still undecided. It’s kind of a turbulent time, and I guess we’re dealing with that decision.”
And listen to Alessia’s brand new, original holiday tune called ‘Make It To Christmas’ below.


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