In a new interview with Long Island radio host Syke on Air, Selena Gomez is opening up about her last two years, calling it a complete ‘sh*tshow.’




Selena explains, “Everything that happened within two years was a sh*tshow. I was completely thrown all over the place. Work-wise I didn’t know what I was gonna do but then personally stuff happened. I think that when I finally realised that I was ready to come back was when everything was released and when everything was gone and I finally felt like I had made it through one of the worst chapters of her life.”


Selena continues, “It takes time for you to even realise that you lost your self. The girl that I was before I entered any sort of relationship is the girl that I want to be but now I finally feel like I’ve got her, just a little bit more weathered, a little bit more experienced.  I had people fall in love with who I was and then slowly but surely tear that down until I was nothing. I felt worthless. I felt thrown to the side. It was horrible. It was the most disgusting feeling.”


Here’s exactly what Selena has gone through since 2017:

  • Sept. 2017 – Selend underwent a kidney transplant.
  • Oct. 2017 – Selena and The Weeknd broke up after dating for eight months.
  • Oct. / Nov. 2017 – Selena and Justin Bieber reconnected and called it off officially in March of 2018.
  • Three months later, Justin got engaged to Hailey Baldwin and now, they’re married!



Watch the full interview below.




In another interview with Selena, she dishes, “It’s only right for me to speak on what I speak. I didn’t say anything for two years. I sat back. I watched. I cried. It was awful but having a moment to myself and also letting people have their moment and enjoy life and love it is also really important but this was my turn and I deserved a right to share what I felt.  “I don’t need a reaction, actually, in fact, I don’t want it, I just want my truth to sit as it is. I want this to be my moment and I feel I deserve it. I’m not saying I’ve got it all figured out but just for now, yes, it feels so dam good to be done.”


Selena also spoke about her personal journey while on set of the ‘Lose You To Love Me’ video shoot.  Watch below.



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