One of my favourite Netflix holiday movies is coming back for a sequel – ‘The Princess Switch’ starring the beautiful Vanessa Hudgens!




According to the ‘See What’s Next’ Twitter account, “Vanessa Hudgens returns as star and producer for ‘The Princess Switched: Switched Again.  In the sequel, Duchess Margaret unexpectedly inherits the throne and hits a rough patch with Kevin so it’s up to Stacy to save the day before a new lookalike – party girl Fiona – foils their plan.”



In case you need a refresher (or you’ve never seen this movie – seriously, what’s wrong with you?) here’s what happened in part one – Vanessa took on two different roles for this movie, the first is Stacy, a baker from Chicago and Margaret, the Duchess of Montenaro.  When Stacy and her bestfriend Kevin travel to Belgravia for a baking competition, Stacy and Margaret meet, switch places and then fall in love for the men in each other’s lives – and one of them is a PRINCE!


Below is the trailer for the first film.



A release date as yet to be revealed!


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