It looks like Justin Bieber is FINALLY back in album mode!


Thanks to his wife Hailey Bieber and friend, former Disney star Kyle Massey, over 30 videos were posted on Instagram, showing Justin working away in a studio.  Hailey posted the first video with the caption, “I’m convinced there’s a few things in life that matzoh ball soup can’t fix.” And what do the fans see in the background? A studio!



According to Pop Crush, “Their night first began with Justin and his friends choosing which car to drive to the restaurant before eating a giant seafood fest.  Artist and producer, Maejor, was seen in Massey’s Instagram stories, working in the studio with Justin along with Justin’s road manager and Massey.  In a number of videos, Justin’s longtime producer and collaborator, Josh Gudwin,w as seen by the mixing board, as well as, being tagged in a post of Massey’s.”




And if that didn’t convince you, in this video (below) we hear Kyle say, “Justin Bieber studio session, yes sir! My brother is back in the album mode.”





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