Ontario native Ryland James is this month’s ‘One To Watch’ artist and he has a brand new single out called ‘In My Head.’


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Friday 07.19.19

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Co-written while in Stockholm and London, Ryland says, “The concept really resonates with me personally.  It’s about a relationship where things aren’t going so well anymore.  It’s becoming toxic.  At that point, it falls apart, and you never see each other again.  Even though you break up, you still have those memories in your head and think about them.  It’s one of my favourites to perform.”


According to Ryland’s Instagram page, he writes, “‘In My Head’ has over 1 million views on YouTube.  Thank you for making this my first video ever to pass the million mark.  You’re all my favourite people.”



Prior to the release of ‘In My Head,’ Rylan released two other amazing records, ‘Good To You’ and ‘Say Goodbye.”  Listen below.




Before his music career, Ryland posted covers and original material on his social media platforms daily, “I built a following from that and some of the original artists noticed and liked my stuff.  I was beyond excited when I saw [the tweet] from Shawn Mendes.  It was reassurance that I was on the right path with my covers, from an artist I admire and respect and who is an example for me.”  Check our some of Ryland’s covers below.




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