Taylor Swift recently chatted with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show down in New York and she got real personal about her new album Lover, the upcoming CATS movie, Scooter Braun and Taylor also went into detail about the following songs, ‘Cornelia Street,’ ‘Death By a Thousand Cuts’ and ‘The Man.’


Taylor explained how a Netflix movie inspired ‘Death By a Thousand Cuts,’ “I think that when people make art, other people make art and especially women who make art, I find it highly inspiring.  I watched this movie on Netflix called Someone Great.  I cried watching the movie.  For about a week, I start waking up from dreams that I’m living out that scenario – that, that’s happening to me.  I’d have these lyrics in my head based on the dynamics of these characters and I went in the studio with Jack Antonoff.”





Taylor continued, “It’s a movie about how she has to end this relationship that she didn’t want to end because she’s still in love with the person but they just grew apart and he’s not a jerk.  It’s just sad because time passed and now we’re different people and that is the most devastating thing.”






Taylor also opened up about Scooter Braun and stressed how important it is for musicians to own their own music.  Lover will be the first album Taylor owns in full, “It’s mine! She’s mine, fully mine.  I’m happy to take full ownership of this album. It’s not just from a business perspective, it’s like your heart belongs in that art you made. And the person who bought my art, he’s never made any art in his life, so he doesn’t know what it’s like. He could never understand that personal connection. When you make something and then someone buys it out from under you… I don’t think that a lot of people understand that’s how our business works. They think we own what we make.  I think it’s interesting to get that out there. There are so many people who want to be musicians and they need to learn these things because I didn’t know these things when I was a teenager.” 




The story behind ‘Cornelia Street’ – Taylor says, “The song is about the things that took place and the memories that took place on that street…all the nostalgia” and ‘it’s the only song on the album she wrote alone.’





Taylor went on to talk about her upcoming movie CATS.  Following the release of the trailer, Taylor tweeted, “I am a cat and somehow that was everything.”




Watch the trailer below.


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