Katy Perry is the cutest human ever and Ariana Grande has a heart of gold.


In a recent interview, Katy revealed the time where Ariana secretly paid for her meal, “Two weeks ago, I was at sushi and I ran into Ariana Grande.  At the end of my long meal with Orlando and his son, we finished after an hour-and-a-half and we asked for the check. They were like, ‘Ariana Grande has taken care of it.’ And we were like, ‘Oh my god! That is so cool!’ Orlando’s son is eight, so he was like, ‘Dope.'”  Katy continued,But that is such a boss move and such a cute gesture.  Orlando was like, ‘Man, I have such mad respect for her.’ She was so kind. I love little things like that.”




And we can’t forget about Katy’s new jam called Small Talk.  During that same interview, Katy explains the meaning behind her new track, “It’s such a bizarre thing that we have to go through, not all of us, some people get lucky and marry their first love and stay with them forever.  Going from strangers to lovers.  If you’re in the dating scene and you haven’t landed on the one, you go through this weird human experiment where you reveal your whole self to a person, you are so intimate with them and sometimes it doesn’t work out. You move on with your life, but you end up bumping into them.”  


Listen to Small Talk below.


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