After hearing these stories, you can say the Jonas Brothers weren’t always the ‘cool’ ones.  At this year’s Teen Choice Awards, Nick, Kevin and Joe were awarded the ‘Decade Award.’  Upon receiving this award, the brothers began to share stories from when they were younger – and bullied.



Kevin recalls, “Piss head – that’s what they called me in middle school.  They called me that because I had frosted tips on my hair.  At the same time, I went on my very first acting audition and then they hired me because they liked my frosted tips. The same haircut that got me called piss head was what started my actual career. And it’s also the reason I’m standing on this stage.”


Nick also weighed in on stage during his acceptance speech, “I got bullied – not by the other students but by my teachers.  My teachers felt it was their job to keep me in my place by singling me out and giving me a bit harsher treatment than everyone else.  I had enough self doubt as it was. I didn’t need to be told how little I really was. But if I had stopped what I was doing at that moment, then I wouldn’t be here today, receiving this award.”



Kevin then added, “The reason we are telling you these stories is because the first award we ever won was a Teen Choice award. And it meant so much to us because it was voted on by teens.”  Lastly, Nick tells the audience, “Those things that you feel like you’re singled out about, that you’re bullied about that define you in your teen years, can become the thing that make you special, that’s your gift, that’s your power.”


Watch the clip below.


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