Post Malone may be all about Crocs, tattoos and beer bongs but one thing is for sure, he’s a huge of Shania Twain!




While Post Malone was on The Tonight Show, chatting with friend Jimmy Fallon, he was asked what kind of ‘hijinks happen backstage’ during his shows.  Post happily admitted, “It’s a lot of Shania Twain.”  In response, Jimmy says, “You gotta have the Twain!”  Post then repeats, “You gotta have the Twain!”  And other activities that happen backstage include eating Cheetos, Gummy Bears and playing BEER PONG!


Shania Twain then posted this (below) hilarious meme onto her Instagram page but, prior to that, she left a comment on Jimmy’s page, “Great taste” Shaina leaves with a kiss-face Emoji.



Photo By: Instagram/JimmyFallon
Photo By: Instagram/JimmyFallon



Post then played a round of beer pong and he yelled, “This one’s for Shania, baby!” Watch below.





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