I hope you’re ready to have your very own Central Perk Coffee Shop right inside your home!



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Friends Lego Set

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To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the 90s hit TV show Friends, Lego has recreated the iconic New York Central Perk, Lego style.



According to Legos press release, “The set features 1,079 pieces, both great for play and display and is sure to grab attention in any room.  Builders can also recreate the stage where Phoebe Buffay performed her songs on guitar (and Ross Geller once played his keyboard), as well as including a brick-built coffee machine, cookie jar with two cookie elements, menu board element and other authentic items.”



The Lego set will also include mini-versions of Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, Ross and Gunther, a seating area and famous furniture pieces aka the ‘Friends’ couch.  And you don’t have to wait very long because the set plans to drop on Sept. 1.


The ‘Friends’ may not be getting back together anytime soon so a Lego recreation will just have to do, for now!

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