During an interview with an Australian radio station, Katy Perry opened up about her friendship with Taylor Swift, her fiancé Orlando Bloom and opened up about her career.



This is what Katy had to say about her friendship with T-Swift and how they said goodbye to their long-lasting feud, “Well, it kind of was a process…I sent her a literal olive branch and a note apologizing for my part in all of it, when she started her Reputation Tour. I just thought she was about to embark on something new and big and needed the support.  Truly it was as I was finishing mine [Perry’s own tour] I realized how much we have in common and maybe there’s only five other people in the world that can have the same type of conversations and understand where we’re coming from and that we should celebrate our commonality and our friendship and to be able to be there for each other.”


Katy then explained how she began to see Taylor around at parties and one day, decided to go up to her and fix their broken friendship, “I just went up to her and I was like, ‘Hey, you know it’s been a long time and I think we’ve grown up a little bit and I just wanted to say I’m sorry and I’m really here for you and that I love you and I hope that we can be friends in the future.’”  Katy continues, “We started texting and she had this really cool idea and I said, ‘Yeah, let’s talk about it,’ and she invited me over to her house. She made me some cookies — and she actually makes those cookies — and they’re actually delicious.”



Lastly, “I think that both her and I, we have influence to young people and especially young girls who are in this type of situation day in and day out at school.  It’s amazing that we’ve had this opportunity to change and I just hope that other people can learn from it too,” explains Katy.



So what about Orlando Bloom? “We’re doing really great and we’re really doing the hard work and laying a beautiful foundation before we starts to build a massive house.”



And talking about her career, “I’ve had a good run but I haven’t always hit the mark. I’ve had some really important, balancing, humbling moments in the past few years that have really taught me some great lessons and values about what makes you happy…like what does make you happy? Having a number one song or happiness in your mental health or your family?”



Katy also found the time to release a lyric video for Never Really Over.  In Katy’s 2017 Swish Swish, she mentioned that she ‘keeps receipts’ and based on this video, the woman wasn’t lying.  The lyrics appear on a rolling receipt, and features ‘purchased items’ like ‘red clown nose,’ ‘tiki mug,’ ‘sliced bread’ and ‘martini’s.’




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