For the longest time, both Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have continuously reassured their fans that they are ‘just’ friends, and nothing more.  Well – after they dropped their spicy Senorita video ….




Fans saw something different – MAJOR CHEMISTRY! And even then, Shawn and Camila, or I like to call them, ‘Shawnila,’  continue to deny their relationship.  Since the video’s release, Shawn and Camila have been seen together – holding hands, hugging, getting cozy on a yacht – I mean … come now! Look at these photos (below) of them together out in L.A.



All signs point to a relationship, amirite? During a recent Q&A, one fan was ballsy enough to ask the one question we all have on our minds right now – ‘are you dating Camila?’ So what did Shawn do? What did he say? How did he react? He shook his head and then put his hand out at his sides but, if you watch the video (above) you’ll notice he still didn’t answer the question.




Hey Shawn and Camila …


And if you’re still not convinced … check out this video of ‘Shawnila’ hanging out in a diner, at 5am!


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I didn't know that "friends" are so close together #shawnmila

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