*   AHEM  * – looks like our girl Camila Cabello is opening up about her second studio album, which will be the follow-up to her debut, Camila.  Camila posted on Instagram, “Wow.  I’m so f*****g emotional right now.  Listening back to the songs I’ve written for this album so far and I just burst into sobs.  It feels really surreal and powerful that I can listen back to my life over the past year – I always get so insecure during the process and feel so much self doubt, but listening back I just feel like … at the very least, I hear my f*****g soul in these songs.  I can see the memories in them.  It’s extremely painful, beautiful, cathartic, and just a s**t of emotions, but it’s the reason I love this.  Because all of the messes I’ve made in my mind are tangible.  I can reach out and I’m there.  I’m really, really thankful I get to do this.  It’s so hard, and it can be so scary and bring up all your insecurities and fears, but out of all of that is … my life.  The human experience.  Messy and beautiful.  Anyways, just thinking out loud.  See you soon.”




While Camila was at the Cannes Lions Festival, this is what she had to say about her debut and upcoming album, “When I was going into that album I was kind of in my little bubble of life, I had far away crushes on people and would write about them and didn’t really have any experiences with being in love. I only wrote about it from afar.  For the first time on this album it’s not my imagination, it’s me writing about things that are happening in real time and I think that there’s a level of detail and emotion that you get from that that’s kind of irreplaceable.”  



Camila has yet to release any information regarding the album’s sound, collaborations or due date, she did say that she’s been listening a lot to Coldplay, Paramore and other amazing artists from the early 2000s.


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While we wait on Camila’s album, she did release some fire tracks, one with Mark Ronson called ‘Find U Again’ and …



This steamy track with Shawn Mendes – it’s called Senorita and it’s sooooo good!!



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