Talk about reconnecting with her Nickelodeon roots!


Ariana Grande was caught on film singing a short cover of ‘This Grill Is Not A Home’ from SpongeBob Square Pants.  In the video Arana sings, “This kitchen’s not the same without you.  It’s just a greasy spoon.”



The song was originally featured in an episode from 2002 and was a duet between SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs and apparently, Ariana is a huge fan of SpongeBob.  Check it out below.





Ariana had a recurring role on the Nickelodeon show, Victorious and played the super-adorable Cat Valentine back in 2009.  Ariana starred alongside Elizabeth (now Liz) Gillies and the show had the ‘largest audience for a live-action series’ for a series from Nickelodeon.  It was when the first season of Victorious wrapped that Ariana ventured off on her own and began a solo-music career.  She released Yours Truly, her first studio album in 2013.




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Happy 2 Ariana Grande. Happy Happy Happy.

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