If you’re a fan of The Office and Billie Eilish, then you will LOVE this video!


Billie claims she is the biggest fan of the hit show and The Office star Rainn Wilson, who played Dwight Schrute on the series, surprised Billie by showing up on her doorstep and putting her to the test – to see if she knows her Office-trivia.


As you watch the video, we see Rainn show up to Billie’s home and shares with the camera that ‘he is visiting the world’s number one Office fan and he’s there to find out if it’s true.  Rainn says, “It’s apparently a young man named Billy,” #LOL of course he was joking around.


When Billie answers the door, she tells Rainn she has watched The Office at least 12 times.  Rainn then asks, “In all seriousness, how have you watched the show 12 times and you have an album and you’re headlining arenas?” 




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guess i got caught in the middle of it

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Billboard notes, “Questions range from what the full name of the charity 5K fun run was to what Jan’s candle company was called to what the robot butler was named in the “Threat Level Midnight” episode.  Wilson throws in another great question, asking Eilish which song she wrote for Dwight, giving her the choices of “ocean eyes” and, as he calls it, “bad boy.””


Billie then was gifted a handmade reward, a yogurt lid medal which, if you’re a fan of the show, it’s from the ‘Office Olympics’ episode.  As Rainn gives Billie her medal, he says, “This will go well with your goth bling.”
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