I will admit, after hearing and seeing this, I have respect for Pete Davidson!  A lesson to be learned here – DON’T mention any of Pete’s exes, to Pete!


Pete was scheduled to perform at a comedy club in Connecticut – the owner, whose name is Vinnie Brand, asked Pete if he could go on stage to introduce him.  Pete told him no however, the owner, against Pete’s wishes, still managed to walk on stage and make jokes about Ariana Grande and Kate Beckinsale, both exes of Pete.  The owner told the crowd,Don’t ask any questions about his exes Ariana Grande or Kate Beckinsale.”  Afterwards, Pete decided to not perform that night and he and his crew walked out of the venue.




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A source explained, “Pete was not about to let this guy ruin his show, disrespect him, and abuse the names of women Pete respects and cares about.  “Pete has been doing great. He’s happy and has been really enjoying traveling and doing shows. It’s sad that people like this club owner would pull a stunt like this just to bring attention to himself and his club.  Pete didn’t feel safe in a place owned by someone who would be so disrespectful and dishonest.”


Following his walkout, Pete posted a video on Instagram saying, “Hey, you guys in Connecticut, I’m sorry we had to leave the show before I got to go on.  The owner, Vinnie Brand, disrespected me, and did something I told him not to do, and I can’t perform under those circumstances.”  Pete then explained he will eventually reschedule the show, at a different location and for free for those who previously purchased tickets.





Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Pete walked out of a club.  A similar situation happened back in February when someone in the audience cracked a joke about Ariana’s ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller.  A source, who was in attendance that night said, “Pete calmly stops his routine and asks the audience to ID the dude that yelled out and that he is going to have to leave.  He then asks security to locate the yeller and escort him out.  I’m not going to have any of that s**t happening at my show.”


Don’t come for Pete!


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