Lennon Stella is this month’s ‘One To Watch’ artist and she has a new single out – it’s called La Di Da.



La Di Da is the follow-up record to Lennon’s already amazing hits, ‘Bad’ and ‘Breakaway.’  All three singles including others are off of Lennon’s debut EP, Love, Me.  Lennon says, “I’m unable to contain my excitement about having this EP out in the world!  I’m so excited.  Hope you love it like I do.”



When Teen Vogue asked how she came up with the idea behind La Dia Da, Lennon explains, “I wrote ‘La Di Da’ at a writing camp in Nicaragua after venting to the loveliest Emily Warren and Joel Little for three hours straight about an argument I had gotten into before coming on the trip.  We sat for hours talking and then literally wrote the song in one breath.  I love when the lyrics of a song are heavy, but you can still dance to it and it makes you feel good.”


The music video, which was directed and produced by Lennon, features her sister, Maisy Stella, “For the video, my sister and I literally duct tape my phone to the dashboard of my car and the rest is history.”



Below are the lyrics for La Di Da.


[Verse 1]
Some things don’t sit right
This close to midnight
You’re someone else in this light (ooh, oh oh)
Stand in the kitchen
Attempting to fix this
So I try to listen to you, you, you
You’re gonna say something you don’t mean
So just before you take it too far, I’ll hold my ears, say “La da da di da”
Your empty words made for hurting me
So just before you take it too far, hold my ears say “La da da di da”
La da da di da, la da da di da, la da da di da, la da da di da
La da da di da, la da da di da, la da da di da, la da da di da
Hold my ears say “La da da di”
[Verse 2]
It’s just like you
To take me down with you
Feed off each other’s issues (ooh, ooh, ooh)
We both know there’s no use
Talkin’ ’bout what I owe you
I want back the old you
You, you, you
[Verse 3]
Busy doing damage
Instead of repairing you and I
Then you go and take advantage of me and I can’t stand it
Every time


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