18-year old Ontario native Lennon Stella is this month’s ‘One To Watch’ artist.


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Lennon has had major success in both music and TV.  Prior to her acting days, Lennon and real-life sister, Maisy Stella received national attention for their cover of Robyn’s ‘Call Your Girlfriend.’  The video not only went super viral but it landed them on Good Morning America.  They also have a YouTube channel, which has over 100 million views and over 800,000 subscribers.





By 2012, Lennon along with her sister starred in the hit Nashville.  While on the series, the sisters performed a cover of ‘Ho Hey,’ originally performed by The Lumineers.  ABC made the decision to release the cover to radio, it became a number one hit for the sisters, it entered the Top 40 on the Billboard charts and to this day, remains as the number one most downloaded song that came out of Nashville.


Since then, Lennon has added numerous titles to her resume: author, fashion correspondent, has a joint furniture line with her sister and in 2018, signed her first record deal with RECORDS.  By early 2019, Lennon had released her debut EP called Love Me.


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my EP is out this Friday so excited I’m gunna burst

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Her EP, which includes five new tracks, isn’t anything you’d hear from Nashville – Lennon decided to dip into the pop side for this EP.  Lennon says, “I was expecting a lot more of that comment, of people being like, ‘What?’ It’s so different than what she was doing on Nashville.’  I was fully ready and prepared for a lot of that, and I haven’t seen any of it.  I don’t know how or why, but there has been none of that.  I think, too, because, by the last two seasons, they were transitioning my character and seeing me up to be a pop star.  By the last season, I was very much singing pop music and very much in that world.  It was no longer country or folk stuff.  I think that’s what made the transition smoother; that it ended with me as a pop star, and then the music I’m putting out is more in the pop world.”


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big love

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So what’s next for Lennon? She explains, “I’m just going to take a second to write before going to the tour, and then hopefully after the tour make the album, and just sit down and actually go in and really dive into that.  I just don’t want to rush that.  I don’t know, the album is such a thing.  I want to go and actually have an album-making experience.”


Lennon kicked off her tour in the 6ix on March 19, it was her first-ever headlining tour and it was completely sold out.  Check out her performance of ‘BITCH,’ which the single has gone GOLD in Canada, below.



And if you’re planning on seeing The Chainsmokers with 5SOS on tour this fall, Lennon will be their supporting act.  She’ll be performing in Toronto on October 8, Montreal on October 9 and Vancouver on December 6.



Check out Stella’s musical stats:

  • More than 48.6 million streams worldwide.
  • More than 5.7 million streams in Canada.
  • Over 13,000 Spotify saves TO COLLECTION.

Watch Lennon in her music videos below.



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