Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie released the video of their latest collaboration for ‘ME!’  As it turns out, Taylor has added the title for her upcoming album and the title for her second single somewhere in her music video.  During an Instagram live stream, Taylor says so far, no one has seen or guessed the correct answer.  In the videos, we see hearts, rainbows, butterflies, clouds, buildings, cities and more.  Taylor tweeted, “So … the new album title is actually revealed somewhere in the video AND so is the title of the second single, but I haven’t seen people finding them yet.”



Well, Taylor spoke too soon because fans began to take notice and they found what looks to be either the new single OR Taylor’s new album title – regardless, the word ‘LOVER,’ which is in bright, pink writing is there, out in the open and on a rooftop.  Check below to see the rest of the video, fan theories.



Another Twitter page tweeted their own theory, “The album is called #Kaleidoscope! A group of butterflies is called a Kaleidoscope, the sky is a Kaleidoscope, we go ‘through’ 2 Kaleidoscopes during the video.”



And we can’t forget about those Easter eggs in the video.



Here’s another theory, “There are shadows of the ‘old Taylor’s’ seen on the floor when she walks out of the clouds on her way to the door aka stepping into the daylight.”



This is what I found most interesting – a Taylor Twitter fan account pointed out, “It appears that there are motifs for each of the places Taylor has called ‘home’ throughout her life: Pennsylvania, Nashville, L.A. and London.”



What about this …



Either way, based on the music video, and taking a guess – Taylor’s album will be colourful, poppy and full of love.  Now all we need is a release date and we’re set!  And would you look at that – Taylor’s ‘ME!’ video already has over 100 million views on YouTube.  According to a Taylor fan account, “ME has officially hit 100 million views on YouTube in just 3.3 days making it Taylor’s fastest ever video to do so and the 4th fastest overall in history.”




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