It looks as though a possible, future collaboration just might happen between Marshmello and Cardi B.  Back in February, Marshmello tweeted, “I need to do a song with Cardi B this year.”



Based on the video that was posted by Cardi B, it’s clear both Cardi and Marshmello have spoken about a potential collaboration.  I mean, the man sent her cupcakes with his face on them.  In the video we can hear Cardi saying, “Wonder what Marhsmello man wants from me.  They sent these delicious cupcakes.  Is it … is it … a hit record?”  Cardi really knows how to keep us on our toes.



Following his Cardi tweet, Marshmello wanted his fans to know, “I’m going to drop some more hip hop stuff in the next 2 weeks.”



Marshmello is no stranger to the hip hop world nor is he a stranger to collaborating with some of music’s biggest stars.  His list includes Selena Gomez, Khalid, Noah Cyrus, Anne Marie, Juicy J, James Arthur, Lil Peep, Migos, Logic and the list goes on.  I’m excited to hear from Marshmello and Cardi!


And in case you’re not down for this ‘possible’ collaboration, Marshmello has a message for you, “I make music for myself and I release it for others to enjoy as well.  That’s what art is … if you don’t like, it’s simple don’t listen to it.”




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