Taking a break from her Sweetener / Thank U, Next World Tour and getting ready for Coachella, Ariana Grande made a short video, spreading positive vibes to her millions of fans in a super inspirational message.


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real protective wit my soullll where YOUUUUUU been

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In the video, Ariana says, “Hi everyone! I’m in L.A. I just finished my first 10 shows on tours and I’m rehearsing for Coachella and getting ready, but I just wanted to say hi and remind you guys to protect your peace and your energy and to not forget to take care of yourselves and protect your space, because we have a lot of work to do here and a lot of family and friends and love and important s–t to take care of.  I just want to make sure you don’t run yourself to the ground and exhaust yourself.  And remember to protect your energy and do things that are good for you. And that you are loved and not alone. You deserve the best there is, and I love you.”  Ariana continues, “I have a lot of followers and it’s weird, so if I can use that to spread any kind of positivity or light, I just wanted to send it your way.  Remind you life is beautiful if you allow it to be and if put your energy in the right place.  So here I am, reminding you.”


And lastly, “Last thing and then I will shut the f**k up (sing the songs Ariana, no one wants to hear you talk, she joked), I just wanted to say one more thing.  Life can be pretty heavy so if you’re going through it or if you haven’t gone through it .. everything, you know, is preparing you for something else or making you stronger or presenting you with opportunities for growth, or whatever.  Just keep that in mind.”  Watch the video below.




This last year has been super rough for Ariana.  If anyone knows about self-care, it’s Ariana.  In May of last year, Ariana openly spoke about what’s like to deal with anxiety and going to therapy, “I felt more inclined to tap into my feelings because I was spending more time wit them.  When I started to take care of myself more, then came balance, and freedom, and joy.  It poured into the music.”

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