As Ellen Degeneres says, Billie Eilish is the ‘most talked-about teen in music today’ and during her recent visit on The Ellen Show, she opened up about having Tourette Syndrome.  Billie says, “It’s not anything different, you know? I never said anything because I didn’t want that to define who I was.  I think I’ve also learned that a lot of my fans have it, which made me feel kind of more at home with saying it.”  Billie also explained to Ellen, “I have ways of kind of making [the tics] go away, but normally if it’s a pre-taped thing they cut out the questions, and that’s when I let them out. But there was this one interview when they didn’t tell me they weren’t going to cut the questions out, so I’m sitting there answering the questions and I’m like [does the motion of a tic] and then everyone’s like, ‘that’s so funny!’ There were tons of compilations.”


Following Billie’s interview, the Tourette Association tweeted, “Thanks to The Ellen Show for providing a platform to talk about Tourette Syndrome with Billie Eilish.  The Tourette community is one of resilience, talent and inspiration.  It is also a community that is isolated and discriminated against.  They need your voice and support.”



In addition, Billie also performed her latest record called ‘When the Party’s Over,’ which is off of her debut album.  And can I just say – she sounded A-MAZ-ING!




And in true Ellen fashion, she pranked Billie.  After a back-and-forth conversation about Billie’s love for Justin Bieber, Ellen made it seem Justin was in the building and as it turned out, it was just a random, who looked like Justin, hiding.  Watch the video below.




How could we miss this – Billie assumed Spice World was a fictional movie and The Spice Girls weren’t real #LOL.


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