Ariana Grande is on FIRE right now! She released two albums within six months of one another, she’s currently on her Sweetener / Thank U, Next World Tour AND she plans on dropping yet ANOTHER new song and this time, a collaboration with friend and up-and-coming singer, Victoria Monet!



Victoria helped write Ariana’s hit ‘7 Rings,’ took part in a back-and-forth conversation with Ariana on Twitter, teasing fans about a new song they’ve recorded together called ‘Monopoly.’  Ariana tweeted, “Man, let’s drop it tomorrow night.  Seven Rings is about to be number one for eight weeks and the album might go back to number one, too.  We need to celebrate to be honest.  Life too short and too sweet right now.”



To which Victoria replied, “You ain’t neva lied and this moment way too special! Let’s do it!”



Victoria continued, “Let’s drop it Monday so we can celebrate an 8th week at number one! Cause this s**t is insane.”



Ariana writes, “Word it’s also like … not mastered or ready or delivered.  See, this is why I can’t go on Twitter anymore.  I get too excited and say s**t I shouldn’t.  However, Monday is soon enough! We love you.”



Victoria now, “Oh s**t it’s finna be #MonopolyMonday bet let’s go bestfriend!”



So here’s what we know – the song is called ‘Monopoly’ and both Ariana and Victoria plan on dropping it this Monday however, according to Ariana the song isn’t ready so who knows at this point.  Also, Monday is April Fools but knowing Ariana, she wouldn’t play her fans like that.  In the meantime, check out Ariana and Victoria performing ‘Got Her Own’ while on tour in Washington D.C.


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