Ariana’s Death Grip on ‘Sweetener’ Press

The LA Times, New York Times, Associated Press and more are protesting Ariana Grande’s ‘Sweetener’ tour photography policy.

To cover her shows, Grande is requiring photogs to hand over ALL rights to their work to her tour company, GrandAriTour.

If they wish to USE the pics THEY TOOK they need written approval from Ari at which point the photo can only be used ONCE.

The Conscious Uncoupling of Anna and Chris

Anna Faris says ex husband Chris Pratt actually reached out prior to proposing to new girlfriend, Katherine Schwarzeneggar.

Faris was a guest on ‘The Divorce Sucks Podcast‘ hosted by divorce attorney Lara Wasser.

The couple share a young son, Jack, and have agreed to live within five miles of eachother post-split, aiming to remain active and loving members in eachothers lives for years to come. These two seem so ‘cool’ with their divorce that Anna’s even offered her services as an ordained person for Chris’ upcoming wedding.

She even has hew OWN podcast, which you can check out here:

‘Divorce’ Doesn’t Have to Be a Bad Word… Though Sometimes It Is…

Kris Humphries says his relationship with Kim Kardashian was very genuine despite how fake life kinda seemed.

The former NBA player and reality tv queen were married for 72 days before Kardashian called it quits on Halloween in 2011.

He tells The Players Tribune,

“I was definitely naive about how much my life was going to change. But the one thing that really bothers me is whenever people say that my marriage was fake… Our actual relationship was 100% real.”

He’s come out of the dark times with a new perspective on life and plans to stay under the radar, post basketball fame, opening restaurants. He currently has 10 ‘Five Guys’ burger shops and plans to open 7 CRISP & GREEN eateries.

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