Netflix Botched ‘The Notebook’

*Spoiler alert* the two main characters, Noah and Allie are shown dying in one another’s arms in the original and it’s a very warm and fuzzy moment.

Viewers are losing it over the NEW ending which shows birds flying over a lake… leaving it open ended… sorta…
We don’t know WHY the streaming service made the change but they’d better PUT IT BACK.

Selena’s Making New Music

I mean… we think that’s what she’s doing…

Selena Gomez has been back in studio as of late.

It’s been three years since we’ve had a solo album from her, though she has popped up in recent collabs with Cardi B and DJ Snake.

Gomez took some time off in 2017 for a kidney transplant and has been putting the focus on her mental health, receiving inpatient and outpatient treatment throughout much of last year.

Who Will be the Next ‘Bachelorette’?

Bachelor Nation host Chris Harrison’s weighing in on the Bachelorette drama.

He told ET:

“No… It’s not Khloe Kardashian… I can tell you this for sure: the decision has not been made. There is a raging debate going on behind the camera, in front of the camera. We are just like you guys… We have our opinions!”

Watch for an all new episode of The Bachelor Monday night at 8 on CityTV.


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