Your favourite Canadian cafe has made its way to China!


China has officially opened in Shanghai and its overall plan – to open 1500 Tim Hortons restaurants across China and in the next decade.



In case you were wondering – China’s first location will include Tim favourites like their classic Timbits and their famous coffee however, the menu has been revamped and will include new items.  The menu will include new teas like Blueberry Roselle and Steeped Black Lemon Peach Oolong, it will include a new flavoured Timbit – Salted Egg Yolk (not sure how I feel about that) and there’s also a new lunch menu.  Customers in China will be able to enjoy items like Coldwater Shrimp, Basil Chicken and new salad options like Roasted Pumpkin and Roasted Zucchini.


What about the drinks? Just like the food, they have new specialty drinks! New espresso drinks like Matcha Latte, a Hazelnut flavour latte and Maple Macchiato (which sounds totally Canadian).



AND the new cafe will have new Iced Capp flavours – the same flavours as the lattes, only no matcha.



Tim Hortons is beginning to be a worldwide chain – the cafe now has locations around the U.S., The Middle East, the Philippines, Europe, Mexico and now China.

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