What Can’t Kim K. Do?

Kim Kardashian is in Montreal to help open artist friend Thierry Mugler’s exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts.

The reality star has been spotted around town (specifically FROM HEATED BUILDING TO HEATED CAR, but w/e) wearing a mini dress plus heels in minus 18 on ice covered sidewalks.

Now that’s dedication.

You can read more about the ‘Thierry Mugler: Couturissime’ exhibit, on March 2nd to September 8th, and buy tickets HERE.

Selma Blair Embraces MS Publicly

Selma Blair is opening up about her multiple sclerosis diagnosis on camera for the first time.

CLICK HERE to watch the powerful interview from ABC’s Good Morning America.

Doctors predict that Blair has been in this very intense flare-up since the birth of her son, Arthur, 7.

Blair described her prognosis as a relief and calls it “strangely amazing”. Her medical team strongly believes there is hope that the actress could have 90 percent of her abilities back in a year.

Wishing her nothing but the absolute best!

(I’m just personally loving this story AND Selma right now… I need a moment… *breathe*)

Katy Perry’s Engagement Blooper!

It wouldn’t be a Katy engagement if it was uber serious, right?

This engagement had to be over-the-top, and now thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, we know it was!

Katy Perry confirms her engagement to Orlando Bloom saying that it took place during a romantic albeit clumsy helicopter ride on Valentine’s Day… one where he, while trying to pull the ring box from his pocket, accidently knocked into their champagne bottle sending it flying and ultimately shattering it all over the aircraft.

That’s one way to ham up a tense moment, right?

I mean, she was gonna say yes so why not really make it into a

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