Drake bought himself a new phone case and you’re probably thinking, ‘Okay, so what! It’s an iPhone case!’ YES – BUT …this special iPhone case cost the 6 God $400,000!


According to Fox News, “Drake reportedly special ordered a $400,000 diamond-encrusted case from Jason of Beverly Hills, a high-end jewelry designer.  The designer posed a preview of the sparkly, blue diamond-covered iPhone case with a white-gold OVO owl (Drake’s label) in the center.”




Jason posted a photo of his finished work on Instagram using the caption, “Because we can’t do basic! Diamond iPhone case cover for our friend @champagnepapi.”  According to a men’s fashion website by the name of Hypebeast, they say the iPhone case using 18-carat white-gold and it includes a total of 80 carats.


After questions like “What if you lose your phone or drop it?” and “What’s the point of a protector case that’s more expensive than the actual phone?” were posted up on the fashion site, Jason Arasheben, who is the CEO of Jason of Beverly Hills explained, “As soon as the new iPhone came out Drake reached out to me wanting to create something epic to add to his collection of jewels.”  The new iPhone XS, XS Max and CR were all released in September.  Apple CEO Tim Cook says, “The iPhone XS is the most advanced iPhone we’ve ever created.”


And you might also recognize this diamond owl – it was made for Drake by the same designer back in September, “Over a kilo of gold and over 100 carats of Asscher cut diamonds.”



What can we say – Drake loves them owls and he loves his diamonds!


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