Actress Tiffany Haddish is spilling all the tea during a sit-down interview with GLAMOUR.



Tiffany earned a GRAMMY nomination for narrating her memoir called ‘The Last Black Unicorn,’ she’s singing in Lego Movie 2 and now she’s focusing on music!  During her interview with GLAMOUR, she revealed some juicy details about her upcoming debut album, “I’m working on an album! Granted, most of this album has already happened in my head, but that’s how it starts. It all starts in here and then it comes out and I’ve been talking to people.  I’m going to see what happens. It might be really great, it might not but who cares, right? You’ve got to give it a shot.”  And potential album names, “It will probably be the She Ready album or The She Ready Experience or The We Ready Album. Whatever, it’s going to be ready.”



Tiffany also dished on the men who have previously slid in her DMs – those men include Drake AND his father! Tiffany explained, “You know what, Drake slid into my DMs. I saw him a few days later and he was like, ‘yo! You didn’t respond to my DMs!’ I was like, ‘well I don’t even know that you follow me!’ He just wanted to know if I wanted to be in his music video. So, I did his music video and I thought, ‘oh maybe something might happen, you know!’ I was like, ‘are you gonna take me to dinner?’ He said, ‘yeah we could eat dinner,’ and then I never heard from him again. That’s because I was being thirsty – that’s my fault. I should have said, ‘I’ll see if I can be in your music video. What are you looking at? Are you trying to hang out with me? Ewww gross!’ I should have been like, ‘who are you again? What do you do?’ His dad hit me up though and I turned his dad down. I’m not being Drake’s step momma!”


Tiffany starred in Drake’s ‘Nice for What’ music video but it’s clear the 6 God’s magic didn’t work on this funny woman.



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