7 Grills? Ariana’s Tattoo MixUp

Ariana Grande thought she got a tattoo saying ‘7 Rings’ in Japanese.

Guess what?

…it would up translating roughly to ‘BBQ grill’.

The singer copped to the mistake and went back for a quick fix.

Now it kinda says ‘Japanese finger BBQ’, so… like… she’s at least got a finger in there, right?

Look on the bright side: it’s not on her face.

Universal Accepts TIME’S UP Challenge

Let me preface this announcement with some background.

This a piece of Regina King’s speech from the Golden Globes where she won best supporting actress from If Beale Street Could Talk.

And today… EPIC NEWS!!!

Universal is the first movie studio to accept the Times Up challenge.

This means Universal, Focus Features, and DreamWorks Animation will all announce woman-directed projects within the next 18 months.

Drake Love McDonald’s

Duh. Who doesn’t!?

Have you ever tipped at a McD’s though? Eye witnesses were shocked with Drizzy and his team walked in to grab some burgers and left a hefty tip.

Not only was the rapper spotted grabbing to greasy eats, he also appeared to have handed the two employees some money. Initially, people were saying he gave two employees ten thousand dollars each, as a tip!

The truth, according to McD’s PR team, is that Drake gave each employee a 100 dollar bill.

So… 200$ tip on a McMeal?



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