A native of County, Dublin, Irish singer and songwriter Dermot Kennedy is this month’s ‘one to watch’ artist!



Before taking off with his career, Dermot studied at the National University of Ireland in Maynooth County, Kildare where he landed a degree in music.  Dermot is also known to be Spotify’s Irish star, selling out concert dates despite not having a studio album out.  Dermot is best recognized for his 2016 record called ‘After Rain.’  The record gained over 19 million streams on Spotify and is ‘considered to be the catalyst of Dermot’s career.’



Prior to the release of ‘After Rain,’ Dermot dropped an EP in 2013 called ‘Dancing Under Red Skies’ and then in 2017, released yet another EP, a follow-up called ‘Doves & Ravens.’  ‘After Rain’ was not only praised by the BBC but also by The Irish Times, calling it a ‘woodsy romantic folk pop’ track.  According to Dermot’s website, “Kennedy averages nearly 2 million monthly listeners these days.  The massive audience brought on by his streaming success has enabled Kennedy to sell out his own shows in Dublin and London now, but when it came time to record ‘Doves & Ravens,’ he eschewed any temptation to repeat the same musical formula that had brought him past popularity, instead pushing himself further artistically and personally than he’d ever gone before.”



“I did the acoustic thing for so long, and I still love it, but what I mainly listen to is hip hop, and I think that was bound to come through in the production.  The first time we tried putting a beat over the verse of a song, I got so excited by how the acoustic element of the guitar was working with the programmed sound of the drums. I realized that if I ignored that feeling the music gave me and didn’t chase that side of things, I’d be letting myself down,” explains Dermot.



Dermot continues, “I think reading poetry and listening to hip hop offer a lot of the same rewards.  The good rappers are so honest, and in my opinion they deserve to be viewed as poets. Regardless of the form, though, I just feed off of anyone who’s expressing themselves and sharing their feelings.”



Fast forward to 2019, Dermot has a brand new record out called ‘Power Over Me.’



As of right now, Dermot is on his 42-date headline World Tour.  Over 75,000 tickets have sold worldwide and with his new music, he’s becoming one of the biggest new acts, globally.  Dermot will also be taking the stage at this year’s Coachella festival!



And check out some other record from Dermot below.



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