Jay Z and Meek Mill on Social Justice

The entertainers, alongside some NFL and NBA stars announced today they will launch an initiative to bring about change to the justice system, focussing on criminal justice.

TMZ had been broadcasting the press conference live. CLICK HERE to see more.

Meek has become the face for Criminal Justice Reform since serving time over probation violations in 2017.

Bebe Rexha “Too Big” for Designers

Bebe Rexha says designers her team reached out to have dress her for the Grammys have mostly refused saying she is “too big.”

The singer is nominated twice this year; best new artist and best country duo or group performance for Meant to Be.

She says the nominations are the ‘coolest thing ever’ adding some more colourful language about the fashion industry and a big <censored> you to certain designers!!

*NSFW: language warning*

The 61st annual Grammy Awards air Sunday, February 10th on CityTV.

Alec Baldwin Sentenced

In November, Alec Baldwin was in trouble for fighting with someone over a parking spot in Manhattan… today, the actor pleaded guilty to harassment in the second degree and agreed to complete a one-day anger management class.

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