We got a text from Natasha asking WHERE to go to snag some free stuff on her upcoming birthday, SO…

According to the KiSS Family, THESE are the spots to hit up for BIRTHDAY FREEBIES in the city!


  • Boston pizza definitely offers a free piece of cake on your birthday. It is a giant piece of what they call the chocolate explosion. It also comes with an embarrassing birthday song with at least 5 to 10 servers singing and clapping. If they are lazy, they will only saying “this is your birthday song, it isn’t very long, Hey!” – Danika
  • Sens store will give you a free hat on your birthday that’s $30 or less, and if it’s more than $30 you just pay the difference – Billy Jack
  • East Side Mario’s also offers a free chocolate cake dessert on your birthday. Kids get 3 mini ice cream cones
  • Hi! From my experience with myself and kids we have got free desserts from East side Mario’s, Montana’s, Kelsey’s, Swiss chalet and Boston Pizza. PLUS if you sign up for emails before hand Kelsey’s offers a free appetizer as well as Swiss Chalet. My birthday falls on Halloween and 2 years ago I received a free appetizer, dessert AND a free glass of wine all at Swiss Chalet! It was a win win haha. I hope this helps! –Angela 🙂
  • It was my mom’s birthday this weekend. We went to Pacini, an Italian restaurant. She got a free dessert and her age percentage off her main dish.  🙂 – Dominik
  • Rideau Carleton Raceway gives a free buffet meal on Birthday with reservations for 6 or more— Lori
  • Swiss chalet east side Mario’s and lone star all sing for you and give a free desert Caroline
  • Sutherland restaurant does free dessert on birthdays
  • Mandarin restaurant offers free meal you contact them and they send you an email per birthday has to be a group of 4
  • Big rig kitchen & brewery gives you a free colossal chocolate chip cookie emphasis on the colossal part but you got to sign up online a week before –Mathieu Spataro
  • Tucker’s marketplace(must bring ID as proof), booster juice if you sign up online, Denny’s gives you a free grand slam breakfast, Dairy Queen gives you a free blizzard if you sign up online. Enjoy! —- Lindsay
  • Starbucks gives a $5 freebie if you are in their coffee club
  • It’s not free but at Craft Beer Market, what ever age you are turning you get that percentage off your bill
  • Moxie’s will give you a free dessert –Angie
  • Pizza pizza. Free slice — Brigitte
  • The Keg gives you a free Billy Miner Pie. -Jayne
  • KETTLEMANS BAGELS !! Gives you a half dozen bagels You just need to app!! —Tracy
  • Chocolat Favoris! You get a free dipped ice cream cone on your birthday!
  • David’s Tea offers it’s members a free hot or cold tea on their birthday. — Marie
  • Johnny Farina’s on Elgin. Free tiramisu
  • Baskin Robbins gives free ice cream. -Jenna
  • Baton Rouge offers a hot chocochip cookie & ice cream- soooo good – Carole
  • The works, join W.I.P program . Before your birthday you will get $15 loaded right on your card – Barb B
  • Free movie on your birthday Imagine cinema in St Laurent shopping center. I took my two year old for her first movie. Sean
  • Sephora gives free cosmetics on your birthday month when u are a member
  • Free Birthday Gift From Red Lobster.
    join Red Lobster’s Fresh Catch Club, you’ll receive a free gift on your birthday along with other surprise offers.
    Sign-up is free, register at least 7 days before your birthday to receive the coupon.
  • Zaks Diner in the marketplace used to mail coupons to people for their birthday. I used to get them all the time. Eli



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