Ariana Grande Drops New Track

Ariana’s got a new track out, ‘Imagine’, featuring Miley Cyrus.

Check it out:

The track features ‘whistle tones’ from the songstress which fans are, understandably, LOVING. Mariah, you hearin’ this??

This will be the second single from Grande’s new album, the first being ‘Thank U, Next’.

Zayn’s Sophmore Album is Here

Zayn Malik! What’s up!

He’s giving us another solo album, a follow up to his debut ‘Mind of Mine’ which came out in 2016.

I guess since it’s been a while, Zayn’s feeling like he owes us or something… so this new LP will include 27 songs!

The album, Icarus Falls is out NOW and features Nicki Minaj and Timbaland.


Kanye VS. Drake

Ugh… Ok. Whatever… here’s the beef:

Drake’s people reached out to Kanye West for ‘clearance’ on a song. I guess Drake wanted to sample a piece of “Say What’s Real”… Ye took offence, and in a flurry of tweets basically aired some dirty laundry between the two.

‘Been trying to meet with you for six months, you sneak dissing on Trav records and texting Kris talking about ‘how’s the family’.

From what I can tell, I guess Kanye just feels a little confused with Drake dissing Kanye’s family – yet asking permission to sample his music.

Ok. That makes sense.

It seems like Drake tried to call Kanye personally to talk it out but… from what we know right now, it just turned into threats.

So. Like. I don’t even know. I just hope they can work it out – because the world doesn’t need more drama. What it needs, is a Kanye Drake collab.


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