Emily Blunt Faces Fear, Sings with Backstreet Boys

Emily Blunt aka Mary Poppins in Disney’s new Mary Poppins Returns movie (in theatres Dec. 19th) told fans she has a very real fear of singing in public. What? How is that possible? You’re MARY POPPINS!!

Armed with this info, Ellen set her up for a spontaneous karaoke session with some special guests:

If you’re gonna face a fear in front of millions of people, go big or go home! Blunt went BIG and absolutely crushed it!

The actress was obviously more comfortable in studio, away from the cameras, as she did sing each and every song featured on the Mary Poppins sequels soundtrack.

‘Fantastic Beasts’ Seemingly Less Fantastic This Time Around

The latest film in the Harry Potter universe, Fantastic Beasts 2: The Crimes of Gringerwald opened November 16th to very mixed reviews. It had the worst opening weekend in the HP saga, to date.While making bank with a worldwide gross of $253 million, it doesn’t hold a candle to the 9 other J.K. Rowling inspired masterworks. Yes, there have been NINE Harry Potter movies. No one had been complaining, til now.

Here’s an overview showing their box office ‘opening weekend’ success over the years:

Just a tiny little gap there, eh?

When faced with the prospect of THREE. MORE. FANTASTIC BEASTS MOVIES. it seems as though fans and critics are wondering, “how bad is this gonna get”.

Mandy Moore is Married

Congrats to our favourite Pearson! Ok, second favourite!! ‘This is Us’ star, Mandy Moore, wed musician Taylor Goldsmith in LA on Sunday.

The wedding was super small scale, inviting only close friends and family for a ceremony held in Moore’s backyard. Some of her on screen family were also in attendance, including fictional husband Milo Ventimiglia (he’s our favourite Pearson, right?), and kids, Chrissy Metz and Sterling K. Brown. Moore’s ex boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama was there too!

The reception was hosted at The Fig House in Highland Park.

After announcing the engagement, Moore said of her upcoming wedding,

“My job allows me to get dressed up, and take pictures, and be the center of attention in a way that makes me slightly uncomfortable. I’ve never dreamed of emulating that in my real life. So I think I’ll probably take the opposite route when it comes to getting married.”

Congrats to the happy couple!


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