We last spoke with Frank Kadillac and Adrian Morris in 2016 when they released their breakaway hit “Marching Bands” ft. Kardinal Offishall. Since then, they’ve released 2 EPs, 2017’s ‘Wolf, Princess and Me’ and 2016’s ‘To You’ and have been working away on their forthcoming debut LP(rumoured to drop in 2019…they definitely seem to enjoy teasing us with that).

Neon Dreams are featured on Prime Minister Trudeau’s Spotify Playlist, so I obviously had to ask how that made them feel. Surprised? Honoured? Intimidated by his fantastic hair? They got to meet Trudeau, aka ‘little prince’ according to Frank, and he definitely made a stylish impact.

Adrian reveals he once slept through sound check the one and only time Ria Mae asked him to play for her. Obviously things are cool with the boys and Ria as they’re out on tour right now. Catch them at the 27 Club, the markets most intimate live music venue, Thursday, November 8. CLICK HERE for more information and to buy tickets.

Neon Dreams have a new single out called ‘Guilty’. You can hear it by CLICKING HERE.

For context, there were some irritating tech issues happening in studio during filming.*

Stay in touch with Neon Dreams on social media. Their channel of choice: Instagram.

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