He’s an ED DJ based in Toronto, he’s this ‘Months To Watch Artist and his name is Frank Walker!

While in college, Frank began mixing both big room house and progressive.  He then began a podcast series in 2014 called Reflections and then in 2016, Frank released his own, original material.

In 2016, Frank released a 4-track EP called Nocturnal.  Two of the records off of the EP were instrumentals while the EP’s lead track called ‘All I Want’ was geared towards a dance-pop sound.

In 2017, Frank released another 4-song EP under the name of ‘24.’  Days following the release of 24, Frank took the Main Stage at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, “It was amazing, obviously.  Seeing the reaction from people, most of (whom) haven’t heard the songs before, because they came out 24 hours ago.  They weren’t like ‘uh, what is this?’ They were actually interested.  I’m happy.  It was just incredible.”

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Frank told Billboard at the time, “Before, I was too concerned with sticking in a mold and having a certain sound.  Obviously there is a sound (on the EP), and there are sounds I like, but I didn’t wanna be like ‘oh, everything needs to have the exact same drop.’ The focus was just making the best song possible.”

According to Billboard, ‘as a producer, Frank works with vocals first.’  Frank explains, “I really love working with vocalists. I love getting in there with writers, working with amazing vocalists, and really making stuff that’s a song. It’s not going to be dated in two months. I want to make something you can listen to in a year, ten years, 20 years, and people still love.”

How can Frank tell if whether or not his music is a hit? His grandmother, of course! “If my grandmother heard most electronic music, she’d be like, ‘what is this?’ But mine are actually songs, so she’s like ‘oh, this is new, but, (I can enjoy it). The grandma test is what it has to pass.”

And what about the future? Frank tells Billboard, “It’s a mixture of excitement and sleepiness.  I’m trying to balance getting new stuff done and let myself have a bit of free time to actually enjoy it. I feel it’s important not to get too caught up in it. before the set today, I took a step back for a second like, I need to make sure I actually enjoy this.”

Frank is back with a brand new record called ‘Heartbreak Back’ featuring Riley Biederer.  Frank landed a new record deal with Universal Music, he’s dominated on both Apple Music’s A-List Dance playlist and Spotify’s Dance Hits and as of right now, Frank has joined Kygo on his ‘Kids In Love’ Worldwide Tour.

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