Today, Kanye dines with Trump. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift helps register voters for democrats. The most famous long-running feud in music has reached the top level of American politics. Nine years ago, it started with an award for best music video, now it culminates at the critical midterm elections with real geopolitical consequences. This is funny, yes, but only in the most bizarre sense.

Swift was one of the last global megastars to stay silent on her political beliefs. And all she got for her trouble was the love of the alt-right. Now she’s speaking up at the same time her longtime nemesis is hanging with the president. It’s a simple but ridiculous question: How did pop music end up here, and where does it go next? Is it even possible for a celebrity to avoid taking sides anymore? Shem is a music director at Toronto’s hit radio station, KISS 92.5. He’s talking politics today because everything is political now – even top 40.

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