Tiffani Thiessen Auditioned for Starring Role on Friends

Yes! It’s true! Thiessen, aka Kelly Kapowski, tried to land the role of Rachel Green in the hit series. The former Saved by the Bell star told listeners of the You Up With Nikki Glaser radio show she “tested for Friends, for Jennifer Aniston” adding “I was just a little too young, a little too young for the pairing for the rest of them.”

There is a five year difference between the two, so this explanation makes sense. Thiessen, now 44, wrapped filming with Saved by the Bell in 1992 with Friends airing it’s first episode September 22nd, 1994.

Aniston, 49, was fairly unknown before becoming Rachel and says “It really was the greatest job I ever had.”

Baldwin Brother May Auction ‘Plus One’ to Bieber-Baldwin Wedding

Is there a more pathetic headline than this one? You know what, don’t answer that.

Billy Baldwin says he may auction off his guest spot to his neice’s upcoming wedding to Justin Bieber. He tells TMZ he has good intentions…

To keep you up to speed: YES, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are married, legally but NOT in the eyes of God. They will be having a formal wedding with friends and family down the road and Billy thinks this invitation could get some ‘kickass charity’ loads of cash, y’know, should he choose to ‘auction’ off his plus one.

Taylor Swift Helps Young Fan Get a Service Dog

Swift is known for her good deeds, especially when it comes to helping out young fans. Most recently, the singer surprised an 8 year old boy named Jacob with a $10 thousand donation to help him and his family afford a service dog. Jacob’s mother, Allison Hill, said in addition to the dog:

"Taylor Swift donated $10,000 towards my son's service dog. She gave us front row seats and backstage passes to her…

Posted by Autism Speaks on Monday, October 1, 2018

Jacob Hill has autism and his family was able to purchase Reid the service dog two years ago when Taylor originally reached out to help them with her generous donation. Autism Speaks documented their meet up in Huston, Saturday, September 29th.

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