Mary Poppins Returns: First Look

We now have our first full trailer showcasing the magic of the Mary Poppins sequel.

The original, starring Julie Andrews, captivated fans in 1964 with all the whimsy and magic you could imagine. This trailer seems to do that justice. The famous nanny is played by Emily Blunt this time around and she and her umbrella returns to the Banks family 25 years later…

Mary Poppins Returns hits theatres December 19th.

‘This is Us’ Creator, Dan Fogelman, Should Probably Move

Fogelman’s house has been burglarized three times in two weeks. Yes. Three times.

The first saw thieves forcibly enter through a door, stealing watches valued around $40 thousand. The second event actually happened later on, that same night, with burglars smashing a window around 3:30AM. This time, he was able to yell at them and scare ’em off.

San Fernando Valley criminals won’t give Fogelman a break! The most recent burglary happened Thursday night while he was off attending his new film’s premiere (Life Itself). This time, another window was smashed, and his items were ‘rummaged through‘ but it is unclear whether or not anything was taken.

Authorities believe these three incidents are linked.

No Prenup for Bieber and Baldwin

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin legally wed in a NYC courthouse on Friday sans prenup.

A source says there is no legal document in place to establish separate property and financial rights in the event of a divorce. Bieber is worth an estimated $265 million while Baldwin is estimated to worth around $2 million.


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