Rihanna’s Teasing Her New Project

She’s been working on a new project with Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) in a ‘secret location’, which may not be such a secret as they’ve been spotted together in Cuba! Now, we’re learning even more about the up and coming collab.

The title! Guava Island still remains fairly *hush hush*. RiRi was asked about the project as part of a red carpet interview at Thursday night’s Diamond Ball in NYC, saying only “I cannot speak on that, that’s for him to speak on… I will leave it at that. But it was an exciting experience.”

Is it a film? Is it music? Is it a music video? What’s happening here?

In August, Rihanna and Glover were spotted with director Hiro Murai on set in Havana.

Did Paris Hilton Just Shade Kim Kardashian?

When it comes to social media shade, Kim Kardashian has some competition with former friend, Paris Hilton. The two have posted nearly identical photos on Instagram… some fans noting a tone in Paris’ caption, “Love these photos I shot last year with the incredibly talented @BrendonForbes #iconic”.

This is Hilton’s post:

The post was made on September 13th, seemly in response to Kim Kardashian’s, posted September 11th.

Comments have been calling Kardashian-West out for being a copy cat, though it’s not known if Hilton intended to throw shade. The two have had a rocky relationship for years but we thought the feuding was behind them.

Maybe not!

Tarantino’s Throwing a Party at the Playboy Mansion

The Kill Bill director’s new flick used the Playboy Mansion for a few scenes, which inspired the idea to throw a wrap party there! Makes sense! Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” is set in the late 60s and centres around the gruesome Manson murders.

The mansion is currently owned by beer baron, Daren Metropoulos, who is very on board with the project, telling TMZ “After Quentin reached out to me and I spent some time understanding his vision for the film, I knew there was a special opportunity to collaborate together and feature the mansion in this thrilling project.”

The film starring Margot Robbie, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt is slated for a summer 2019 release. The party will be around the same time (I’m guessing) and is familiar territory to Tarantino who hosted his Kill Bill: Vol. 1 video release party there back in 2004.


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