Our morning show (Sandra and Chris) started a topic today that carried into my show. Sandra got stuck in a paid parking lot with no way out, her card failed her and she had to ask the attendant for assistance. The parking attendant let her go for free, which inspired Sandra to ‘pay it forward’ – hence the topic!

Throughout the midday show, I was blessed with the opportunity to share your stories…

Tell me about the time you were involved in a ‘Pay it Forward’ type scenario.

The texts and calls that came in were heartwarming, and I wanted to save them somewhere for us all to see and hear and revisit on days when we need a little sunshine.

Thanks for being great and for sharing your life with KiSS.

“Last year sometime over the holidays, i went to Timmies drive through for my regular breakfast order, i put my order in and drive up to pay only to be told the car in front of me had offered to pay for my order, so i paid it forward and said i’d pay for the order behind me. This random act of kindness made my day and it felt good to pay it forward” – Samantha


“I had the honour to pay it forward before Xmas last year. I was at the cash in Giant Tiger behind a young couple who were quietly figuring out how they were going to pay for rent, food. So I just stepped up and paid for their things. And seeing the look on their faces was the best!!” – Julia B. 


“I went to a drive thru Tim Hortons and a police car was behind me. I paid for his order and asked the lady to thank him for his service. I have a great appreciation for what the police go through. He pulled up behind me at a light and flashed his light and held the cup outside his window. For a split second i thought he was pulling me over but it was just a thank you.” – Sarah 


“I usually try to purchase for the car behind me once a month. But there was a day at the grocery store and the lady in front of me was 40.00 short for her bill, so I asked the clerk to put it on my bill. I know how it feels to have to count my pennies, and now that I am in the position to help others I try as much as possible.” – Tara

“10 years ago I had my daughter, I was a young mom. I used bus to school with my baby for two years. (Youville Centre) they helped me out with the bus tickets because I didn’t have much money. There was a time when someone lady come in on the bus with young son who was not listening to her. She was embarrassed and couldn’t find her bus pass. So I got up and paid for her ride. She was very surprised/shocked, when she sat down she said Thank you very much that means a lot. I felt amazing for helping someone, like I got helped.” – Dina

“A guy at work needs a kidney.  I have never met him, but I can’t imagine him leaving the world and his young kids early.  I have 2 kidneys so I have entered the live donor program to see I could be a match to donate. I am hoping someone would do the same for me or my family” – Anonymous

“Hey my story is from this morning You know, one of these hard morning when you should have stayed in bed So I treated myself to a large frozen caramel latte at Timothy’s And as I put my stuff on my desk, I ended up spilling it all over my desk 🙁 So after my morning staff meeting, I go back to Timothy’s and order another one and as I am about to pay for it I just mention to the lady serving me that I didn’t have the chance to drink the other one I bought an hour earlier She cancelled my payment and gave me a brand new one!!! This made my day!!!” – Thérèse

“Pay it forward: I got a coffee on my way to work one day, paid for the customer behind me, I went back after work and got another coffee (8.5 hours later) and it was still going. It was a great feeling!!!” – Jessica 

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