How I Met Your Mother Star at War with Neighbours

Josh Radnor, aka Ted Mosby in the hit series How I Met Your Mother, has been ordered to stay away from his neighbours! This all started over a deck built by Radnor that extended onto his neighbours property. Obviously, he failed to consult with the people next door prior to building the massive wooden beast. The family got permission from the city to tear Radnor’s deck down as he didn’t have the proper permits to even build in the first place… however, Radnor was very quick to act. He went to court and convinced a judge to BLOCK the demolition.

So now, it’s even MORE uncomfortable in their neck of the woods… TMZ was told that the actor and his roommate scream and shout at the neighbours every time they go outdoors. They even take pictures of them and make fun of them. It’s not JUST the neighbours, though, Radnor and his roomy also pick on the workers who come onto the property.

Gross behaviour, Shmosby…

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Princess Diaries Reunion, Anyone?

Mandy Moore shared a throwback Thursday pic on Insta that is giving fans of the Princess Diaries serious hope for a reunion!

This photo of Anne Hathaway and Moore was taken at the red carpet premier for the original Princess Diaries back in 2001. There are no official plans to get the cast back together but rumors have been swirling around for quite some time about adding a third installment to the franchise.

Hurricane Lane Closes ‘Jurassic Park’

Today I learned that there’s a REAL. JURASSIC. PARK. Ok, so… it’s obvious they had to film somewhere but I didn’t know it was also a theme park, in real life.

The Kualoa Ranch in Oaha, Hawaii is shutting down to brace for a possible direct hit from Hurricane Lane. During filming for the original Jurassic Park, in 1992, Hurricane Iniki struck and shut down production for weeks so they are taking this category 3 storm very, very seriously.

Residents of the island have been warned that ‘life threatening conditions’ are imminent, including ‘treacherous winds, flash floods and possible mudslides.’

kualoa Movie tour

CLICK HERE or on the image above to learn more about the Kualoa: Private Nature Reserve.

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