Pete Davidson Avoids Arrest

Ariana Grande’s husband to be was pulled over in Upstate New York around 4am. We’re not sure why Davidson and his passenger were flagged but the car smelled heavily of marijuana, triggering a full search of the vehicle. The boys were then subjected to a field sobriety test, which Davidson passed. Unfortunately, his friend did not pass.

Pete’s buddy was arrested for ‘felony possession of a controlled substance’ and cited for ‘unlawful possession of weed.’ Cops haven’t revealed what the ‘controlled substance’ was and Davidson’s rep hasn’t released a statement, yet.

Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves Star in New Movie

Their fourth movie together, Destination Wedding, is bringing up real feelings for the on-screen pair. Ryder says, “I had a pretty big healthy crush on him” referring to their first meet up in the late 80s. “I had a big, healthy crush on you too,” said Reeves.

The two actually got married in 1992’s Dracula. Like, for real.

“I’m convinced we really did get married because it was a real Romanian priest and they did a master that he did the whole thing,” – Wynona Ryder.

Their latest flick is about two awful wedding guests who fall for each other. Catch Destination Wedding in theatres August 24th.

Bam Margera Breaks Sobriety… Again

The former Jackass star was ‘on the wagon’ since attending rehab in January, after a DUI arrest in LA. He is now reportedly ‘off’ that wagon. Margera was robbed at gunpoint in Colombia shortly after arriving in Catagena. This happened during a “shady taxi ride”. He was alone at the time and is pretty happy to be alive.

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