Ashley Ianconetti Admits She Cheated

Ianconetti told the truth on a recent episode of The Ben and Ashley I’s Almost Famous Podcast. Her ex, Kevin Wendt, actually called her out, and accused her of cheating with current fiance, Jared Haibon, on the latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

The truth is… YES. Ashley cheated… and here’s what she said about it,

“I was dating Kevin like out in the real world for two weeks and Jared came out about his feelings and he kissed me in the airport. And we had mentioned this before — I admitted before I was dating Kevin when Jared kissed me. Whether you call that cheating that is up to you, by most definitions that is true. But, it was one of the moments of passion, one of those actions — he pulled me in, I kissed him back. I never kissed him again until Kevin and I broke up after my birthday on March 6.”

Is that *really* cheating, tho? Should Wendt just let it go and be happy for the soon to be newlyweds?

Young Kevins’ Take On ‘This is Us’ Series Finale

Our fave time-travelling-series that’s not at all about actual time travel is already working on it’s final episode. Don’t worry though, This is Us still has legs. We’re still riding that emotional roller coaster for years to come. According to a couple ‘Kevins’, specifically the younger ones, Logan Shroyer and Parker Bates, we’re in for an epic finale.

Shroyer knows how it all ends, and says knowing everything is “a little scary.”

“You’re like, ‘How are we going to go from here to here?’ I was really shocked. I was really shocked. I can say that.”

The youngest Kevin, played by Bates said, “I was really surprised and I didn’t really know what was going on. So I was like, ‘What are we doing? I’m confused’… I was really surprised about how the scene was set up and all that. I cannot say anything of that because I’m sworn to secrecy.”

The cast is working on Season 3 now, which will premiere Tuesday, September 25th.

The Bieber-Baldwin Wedding Has a Date… Sorta!

When Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin rekindled their romance in the spring, they wasted ZERO time taking it from 0 to 100. He popped the question in June and the the only thing that these two seems to be ‘taking slow’ is the actual wedding and everything that comes with it.

They’re not waiting ‘to feel it out’ but it’s been said that they will be waiting until ‘sometime next year’ to head down the aisle.

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